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There's no denying that our restaurant type is mainly grill, but we have made sure to build a legacy of quality and premium flavor through it. As such you can expect our signature dishes to be as great as possible, and this all starts with our traditional steaks. Whether you opt for Chicken or Meat steak you can expect a finely cooked and seasoned meal with homemade slaw and salad. We make sure to listen so let us know just how much time you want them on the grill to make your perfect meal. Of course, if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds you need to try out or Signature Burger lineup. The steakhouse burger is as finely cooked as any other steak in our restaurant, hand pressed and flame grilled, but comes in the perfect bun to make one of our iconic burgers. Want to go beyond? The OMG is definitely one of the most famous burgers in our menu, imagine two steakhouse burgers stacked and then accompanied with 2 Canadian steaks, the bacon, cheese and sauces complete the package, and we have no doubt you'll really be saying OMG once you see it.

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At Smokie Joe's we take both grills and meat seriously. There's just something iconic of grilling a meat and sharing a meal with your friends and family. And as such we do our best to ensure our menu and restaurant are to the task, so you can get to enjoy those wonderful moments with those you love. Whether you are a complete beef lover or just someone looking for a tasty meal we have made sure to fill our menu with amazing dishes we know you'll love. We are fully devoted to offering the best food we can, and we can't wait for you to join the Smokie Joe's experience.

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We’re proud to say we’re Yorkshire born Yorkshire bred (through & through) Here at Smokie Joe’s, we stick to our good old Yorkshire roots providing you with proper food, quality service & good value for your brass